Is Goroo Car Mat anti-slip? Does it come with car floor buckle?

            Goroo Car Mat itself carries a total net weight around 10.8 KG. It is very heavy by itself already. Plus its anti-slip bottom design. You do not             need to worry about using the floor buckle. 

How many colours do you provide? 

            Six colours. More colours and styles are coming soon.

Is Goroo Car Mat easy to clean, wash and dry?

            Definitely. The innovative material determines that Goroo Car Mat can be vacuumed effortlessly. You can also simply throw it into the                       washing machine or dryer.

Is Goroo Car Mat completely odourless?

           Every plastic or PVC material based product comes with certain level of odour. Goroo Car Mat can ensure it be reduced to minimum. 99% people will not even notice at all. If you are very sensitive to smell, please place the mats outdoor for a few days. It shall greatly reduce the odour.

What kind of material is used to make Goroo Car Mat? Is it safe?

           Goroo Car Mat uses best possible PVC material in the market to ensure the quality. It is 100% safe.

Will Goroo Car Mat trap ladies’ high heels?

            It has never happened before. The strength of single coil at Goroo Car Mat is not strong enough to caught the high heels. Also driving with high heels is not recommended for safety       reasons. It is against the state law in some states.

Does Goroo Car Mat have edges?

           No. Edges used around the car mat is not difficult technics at all. If using edges, it will curve up after a short period and become obsolete because of the friction

Is Goroo Car Mat overpriced?

           Goroo Car Mat has amazing long life cycle with 3 year warranty. If you uses a standard other type of car mat, you have to change it at least once a year. Plus, Goroo Car Mat comes with much more great features that others don’t have.

What is Goroo Car Mat’s return and shipping policy?

           Click here to find out.

Goroo Car Mat looks like some types of door mat, are they the same? why is it more expensive?

          You can’t compare everything just based on the apperance. Goroo Car Mat uses the best quality PVC layer with 18mm thickness to ensure                 driver and passengers comfort road trip. Its innovative bottom design has a lot of great features that others don’t have as well. You get what             you paid.