Remember, there is nothing in the naked car which just got produced in the original factory (OEM). Absolutely nothing! One cannot expect the original factory navigation, food pad, guard board, and the big encirclement while buying a car from a dealer. The OEM authorized accessories manufacturers also produce peripheral products, which doesn’t have any part number provided by the OEM. Also, the accessories manufacturers don’t follow the quality standards taken care by the OEM during the car production. The Accessories, supplied by the OEM are priced higher but are of more top quality as compared to 4s self-owned products.

Let’s go over every reason to why You shouldnโ€™t be trapped with dealership tricks:

1. The cost to the dealer is very less

When you are buying a car from a dealer, try to cut the price of a naked car as down as possible. Don’t get trapped in the car dealership tricks that the salesperson is flaunting as the least price. You want to know how much discount for naked cars is real? Apparently, don’t just think about at what cost the OEM is providing the naked car to the dealer. If the OEM is offering 30,000 bucks discount per car to the dealer, you can even ask for 301,00 bucks discount. The dealers make a profit out of the naked car from car decoration, insurance, licensing fees, purchase tax return, etc. They make a lot of money out of it.

2. Unnecessary Lucrative Gifts

You won’t be willing to be blinded by the gifts that the dealer offers. The dealers buy the gifts in bulk, so the gifts cost them way less as they are priced in the market. If you ask the dealer to give you a discount 3000 for a gift priced at the same, I am sure the dealer won’t say yes.

3. Charge high for third party services

Don’t ask the dealer to install navigation or provide you insurance for it. You will get far better insurance and other features with a cheaper price in the online market.

4. Exaggerated word of mouth marketing

‘Buying your own car? Make your own decision.’ You will find relatives and friends who bought a car from the 4s and advocating you about that. What they say is bullshit as they were trapped in the lucrative offers offered by the 4s.

5. The lifespan of the car

Don’t be coated with fancy and durable colors. Are you going to buy a car and drive it all your life? Absolutely no! People change cars at the most 56,878 thousand miles. You will not be willing to paint your car as glamorous as your wife’s face just to sell it for an extra 200 bucks.

6. Oil Changes

Maintain the original factory oil used in your engine, don’t go with what the 4s recommend. They charge way too much for the same oil which is sold at the online stores like and

The original factory oil mainframe manufacturer has the prescribed price, which is not going to hurt your pocket. Just visit those online stores and buy your favorite oil, get it changed by the roadside repair shop for 30 – 50 bucks maintenance cost.

7. Unjustified maintenance schedules

The dealers don’t follow the maintenance schedules recommended by the OEM. For example, if the manual from OEM says to change spark plugs at 40,000 Kilometers, the 4s will say 30,000 kilometers for it.

8. False Recommendations

The 4s want to make more money out of service charges and raw materials and will recommend you more expensive maintenance procedure. For example, he may say that the 4L specified in the manual is not good enough when changing the oil.

9. Huge Margins in Accessories

No matter what big brand film you get pasted at 4s, they all are fake. Even your favorite Johnson. The authenticity of car films is not easy to identify as a real brand or a fake one. You will be wondered to know that the profit that the 4s get while selling that film to you is as high as selling white powder. You can even go to the membrane factory website to find the designated sales store where you will see how much the 4s thugs you.

The same case is with the audio players you get while buying the higher version of the car from 4s. At 4s, the price of the accessories is much higher than the ex-factory price. You can buy one from Taobao and go to a small shop, pay him 50 bucks service charge and get it installed.

10. Charge more for less

With regard to 4s insurance, indeed, it is more convenient to buy insurance from 4s after an accident. Just call the insurance salesman who will give you technical guidance, which is very useful for beginners. Or you can query on the insurance company’s official website to compare the price. You will find reasonable prices over the website as compared to the 4s.

11. Car Mats

The OEM supply very simple car mats along with the car tools, tripod, replacement tire tools, vehicle instruction kit (Not all the OEM are the same when it comes to the accessories, but those mentioned above are the standard one. The 4s will charge you extra hundreds of bucks just for foot cushions, which they buy from low standard manufacturers. These manufacturers produce products which are toxic and becomes a pollution source of air in the car. Our country doesn’t force strict mandates to the accessories manufacturers; therefore, many such products are flooded in the market. What you can do is research on the brands which manufacture high-quality products at a lower price as compared to the 4s.

12. Expensive crystal plating

Some of your fellas will say that the crystal plating is really bright. Bullshit! First, the effect after applying the plating is not so impressive. It is better to wax twice. Second, the material used is irregular, and the market is flooded with such fake products. Third, the price is outrageous and profitable.

13. Fake chassis armor

Brands such as 3M specify a decoration store to do their website query before selling any of their product. Make sure there is an authentication tag with your product as the 4m may cheat you with a fake one.

14. Warranty Issues

The OEM doesn’t provide a warranty with the 4s maintenance problems. It seems unreasonable, and there doesn’t seem any legal basis behind it. Because of this, the 4s are prawn towards after sales services.

15. Higher Costs

People say that the 4s labor, store rent, decoration cost is high. Oh! Come on; they provide lounge drink, massage chair, pipe lunch with beautiful waiters for flirting which adds to their cost and sums up to an intolerable amount. No one is stopping you from spending more money to get better service, but the 4s cannot give you old parts, excessive maintenance, install a pile of three products, and most importantly, cannot lie to me. You can, but pay attention to the number of times.

So far we’ve been criticizing the 4s a lot, but it is undeniable that these problems are common. If any of the 4s stores have the dare to come forward and say that none of these problems exist in its store, we’ll visit and study their store.

All the industries are indeed highly competitive, so as the car dealership. 4s competition is very fierce, especially this year, the automobile industry is depressed, car enterprises have seen “official decline,” 4s profit decline, 4s crazy inventory pressure. 4s business is getting very competitive, and some of the 4s are even closed down.

The story is sad, but so what? Industries that do not conform to economic laws and are not adapted to the development of the times will be eliminated if they are not transformed. Hope the 4s transform themselves and try to exist in the ecosystem.

Cars are no longer luxury goods for Chinese families. It has transformed as consumer goods for daily use. Consumers can say that they do not spend much time while making the buying decision for the car, but car practitioners cannot use the customers’ knowledge of goods to deceive the consumers. The customers choose 4s after-sales service to remain hassle-free. But do the customer really trust 4s? If the customer finds out what the 4s is doing, there will be complications.

Some people say that 4s is expensive because it provides a more comfortable and secure service the same as a high-end restaurant where the mineral water is expensive. This argument sounds a little bit awkward. Do you go to a fancy restaurant for every meal? Even if you don’t eat at home, there are restaurants out there for you to choose from. But after you buy from a 4s, you don’t have any choice, you can only go to them, and the service they offer seems mandatory to enjoy.

This reminds me of an interesting incident: There is a beautiful woman checking out of a hotel for 800 bucks. “Beauty is too expensive,” the manager said, “this is the standard charge as the hotel has swimming pools, gyms, wifi, and other services.” Then the beautiful women took out 100 bucks from her bag and said, “You spend the spring night with me last night and deducted 700 yuan.” The manager hurriedly explained, “Where do I have it?” The beauty replied, “I offered it, but you didn’t enjoy it!?

Many service industries have VIP service, that is, spend more money on more comfortable and faster services. But these industries also have ordinary services in addition to VIP services. Some people say that you are afraid to spend more money to go to the roadside store, but the officially approved after-sale channel is the only 4s! And the 4s has only one standard service! It’s all VIP services! In addition, the high-end restaurant can enjoy the delicious food, let the person happy mood, but go to 4s to repair the car? How many people think, “Great!” when their car broke down, and they are pleased to know that they will get to enjoy the 4s store services again?

If you think that the bottle of mineral water is priced very high at the upscale restaurant, you can go out of the restaurant take a left turn get inside the supermarket and buy the same brand, same model, same quantity for a lesser price. But what about the auto parts in the 4s store? The genuine accessories of the garage are sold only through the only channel of 4s, and the other channels are illegal (from the spare parts factory, depot, 4s abnormal channels). What you see in the nearby repair shop is basically the auxiliary factory parts with no guarantee of quality. 4s will say that our spare parts price is not expensive and they don’t charge above nominal. The car companies have an unshrinkable responsibility. On August 20 last year, China’s largest antitrust organization, State Development and Reform Commission, issued 12 Japanese enterprises fines of a total of 1,2354 billion Yuan for monopolizing the prices of auto parts and bearings. Not just the Japanese enterprises, the whole industry faced the problem at that duration of time. Well, the high price of accessories is mainly due to car companies.

So, don’t overspend if you have a lot of money and need to enjoy it at a 4s store. Many accessories, such as wipers, brake pads, batteries, three filters, and so on, can be bought online at a reasonable price. Bosch and other large brands of sub-factory products are available on the e-commerce websites as well as their own brand website. Even if the price of the accessories is not much lower than 4s, you find an auto repair shop to install it for you, saving plenty of time for you.