Travelling off-roads can sometimes be very hectic and may cause your car to get old faster or may cause a lot of damages to your car. Some of these roads might be very dusty, some full of potholes while others might have salt or coal ash. In this article, we are going to walk you through various tips that will help you keep your car ever clean while driving off-road.

Avoid eating inside the car

Nearly all the messes we get in our cars are purely rooted in eating in the car. When going for a long-distance you may want to eat something, this is considerably understandable but you should avoid eating at all cost to maintain the cleanliness of the interior parts more so the car carpets.

Carry a trash bag

It’s always in order to have a trash bag with you while travelling. This will help you a lot in tidying up the interior part of the car while travelling.

Tidy up the car after filling up the gas

Gas spillage normally attracts dust. After filling up your gas in a petrol station ensure you clean the parts near the gas tank to avoid dirt traps that might be attracted along the journey. It’s better to do more cleaning, clean any part that you’re able to clean to maintain the cleanliness of your car.

Install appropriate car mats

Get the best car floor mats. Floor mats play a great role in maintaining the cleanliness of your car while off-roading; a good floor mat will protect your car from salt corrosion, wear and dirt. Be sure to get a good mat that does not emit nasty or offensive odour. The right car mats are designed to trap spills, dirt, debris and just anything and everything. There are a number of companies that manufacture great floor mats for cars. Stomp off your feet before getting into the car. Check out for these great-custom made mats to help you keep your car clean while travelling at all times!

Do regular maintenance

Always do a check-up on your vehicle to ensure that it’s in good condition. If you’re not so familiar with mechanics or if it’s your first time to do off-road trips then it’s better to get someone who is very familiar with maintaining off-road vehicles to help you out. Get all the necessary skills and be sure to put them into practice. If there is no one around to give you these tips for off-road vehicle maintenance you can approach the mechanics to teach you and from there you can do it on your own regularly. Take a quick look at your car as often as possible and watch out on any exposed metals.

Check on your breaks and shocks.

Do a thorough washing to remove muck and grimes from your vehicle. This will help you to keep your brakes in good condition but don’t stop at just that alone. Check on the callipers, brake lines as well as the pads. Replace thin pads before setting out for any off-road trip. Check on the callipers to ensure there are no cracks or any damage on them. Hitting a rut with damaged or broken shocks can cause you to lose control and I don’t want to talk about the end result if such occurs. Always check on your shocks after every ride because broken shocks can break the body of your car, ruin your driving experience, interfere with the normal functioning of your tire or even cause the steering to be off.

Check on your Gearbox

There are high chances for your automatic gearbox to overheat while off-roading. When there is a repeated overheating, the gearbox fluid can easily fail. The best thing to do is to install a manual gearbox because they use heavier lubricants or alternatively you can have a regular change of the fluid if you’re using the automatic gearbox and don’t forget to change the filter as well. Sometimes it might not overheat but it will be overworked.

Carry emergency equipment and practice safe driving.

Safe driving means driving on the right lane and maintaining the appropriate speed. Drive at a good speed, slowly. This will prevent you from incurring serious damages that might result from holes, gashes or large bumps. It’s also very prudent to consider carrying some important tools in your kit to save you in times of emergency while off-roading. The right tools to carry include but not limited to tire jack, first aid kit, shovel, jumper cables, spare tire and cell phone.


Try out the above-discussed tips to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle while travelling on off-road. Always keep the tips to stay clean and new always!