Floor mats are one of the most common yet the most supreme car accessories. It serves too many functions to be ignored at first. Whether it is the fall season or the coldest month of the year car floor mats are something that protects your car in all weather conditions. Well, many people still believe that car floor mats are merely used to keep your feet; however, this is surely a misconception. Car mats do play an important role in magnifying the interior look of your car. Especially for a car owner, the color, style, and design of the mats do make a huge difference.

Do you think that your mats are getting old and worn out? Are you finding the car mats too expensive? Do the mats keep sliding and slithering while you drive because the size of the mats just doesn’t fit right? Or is it just that you do not like the mats that came with your car? Make a style statement with the car mats that are designed perfectly to fit the interiors of your car.

Dirty and grimy mats not only aesthetically look unpleasing but are something you must not overlook. However, driving without car mats is also not the right way to go, as these mats serve to protect your car from mud, water, dust, and stains. Well, we have a quick and easy step by step guide to make your very own customized brand new car floor mats.
Take a time off this weekend and finish a DIY project on custom car mats using superb Goroo car mats. Using the tools and a little bit of hard work you can surely get the end results which will be superb and fancy at the same time. Get professionally designed car mats for your car in any shape or size without having to invest in a lot of money.

So here are simple steps to make your own handmade Goroo car floor mats for your car interiors.

But first, let’s see the things that you would need to make your very own customized car floor mats.

ü  Measuring tape

ü  Old mats (that fit your car)

ü  Goroo DIY mats

ü  Scissors

ü  Pen or a marker

ü  Knife or a paper cutter

ü  DIY template

Note: While using the knife or paper cutter it is important to use thick hand gloves that offer the right protection.

Now, that you have gathered all the DIY material required let’s start!

Step 1: Do the measurements

It is a very basic step but often in hurry to start the main process we tend to forget it. To start with you will have to measure precisely where DIY mats are going to fit. You need these measurements for cutting the Goroo DIY mats so do it with utmost precision.
However, if you have old mats that are a perfect fit for your car you can use them to measure the length and breadth of those mats.


Step 2: Use the DIY template

To make it simpler you can use the DIY template to do the measurements of the car mat. This will actually give you the exact measurements.
To do this place the DIY template on a table and then place the front as well as back car floor mats on the template.

Step 3: Mark the new car floor mats

Now using a pen or marker draw the layout of the mats on the template. Make sure to not move the mats as it will affect the measurements.
Once you are ready with the layout of all the mats cut each template using scissors. In the end, you will have the cutouts of the new floor mat.



Step 4: Time to use the Goroo DIY mats

First of all keep the cutouts of the new floor mats aside and clear the table.
Now, using a paper cutter open the carton or box in which the mats are kept and place the Goroo DIY mats upside down on the table.


Step 5: Place the paper cutouts to make the brand new car floor mats

Well, the next step is very important as you do not want the carpet to have the wrong measurements. Take the paper cutouts one by one and place it on the Goroo DIY mat.
Now outline or mark a layout design of the paper cutouts one by one on the car mat. Make sure to do it one at a time for precision. Mark the layout of each cutout carefully.


Step: 6 Cut the DIY Goroo mat as per the layout
Now, using scissors cut the layout that you have designed using paper cutouts on the carpet. If the carpet is difficult to cut using scissors you can use a sharp knife too, as want uneven edges on the car mat.