Summers are usually tough for cars as the heat can destroy batteries and put a strain on the cooling systems. In order to prevent this, vehicle components should be checked frequently during summer to avoid breakdowns and car problems. I have highlighted some of the tips for you to follow about your car in summer to avoid being stranded or having a car breakdown.

Change Oil

Oil is believed to be the essence of your car as it helps running the parts of the engine cleanly and smoothly. It is recommended that oil should be changed every 5,000 kilometers or three months. The reason for this is that during summers we take a lot of trips when the engine is likely to overheat. Therefore, you can check your oil before heading out.

Check AC

You won’t know what difference the cool air makes until you have lost an AC on a hot summer day. The common cause of malfunctioning in AC is a lower level of refrigerant which is often caused by a leak in the system. You should probably get it checked before the summers arrive.

Battery Check

Checking your battery is essential for your cars as summer heat can increase the chemical reaction inside a battery hence causing the battery to be overcharged. Therefore, this decreases the lifespan of the battery so you should check your battery regularly, you can detach the battery cables, wipe the terminals in order to keep it clean. You should ensure that the battery is strapped down properly and connections are safe.

Check Hoses and Belts

The hoses and belts should also be checked before summer as they can leave you stranded. The function of the hoses is that it is connected to the radiator which assists in the pumping of coolant to the engine and from the engine. On the other hand, belts help run the fan which cools the system. You should inspect the hoses for leaks and loose connections whereas you can check belts for cracks and damages.

Coolant and Radiator

Summer are tough on your car as well as on cooling systems. The easiest way through which your car can heat up fast in summer is sitting in traffic as there is no air flowing through the engine. If your car is well-tuned, then it can take long idle in hot weather but if the coolant levels are lower than your car is likely to heat up fast. Moreover, the main reason of summer breakdowns is overheating. To prevent this, you should have the cooling system flushed and refilled