What’s car body protective film? 

It’s a service uses films with various colors, to change the color of the whole or partial car by a whole cover and pasting.

What are the advantages of the protective film?

1. You can easily change the car’s color and coating without destroying original car paint.

2. Applying car body protective film is simpler and can better protect the car’s original quality than spraying paint.

3. You can remove the film in the shop where it was pasted easily if you want the original factory paint look back.

Chinese-made and US-made protective films are the two most popular categories. The appearance and durability of Chinese-made car body protective films are generally worse than that of American-made. The cheap Chinese-made car body protective films will be the best choice if you want to change the car’s color for self-entertainment , while the expensive American-made car body protective films are more worthwhile if your look for better quality and long-term peace of mind. Currently car body protective films can be subdivided into matt film, light film, electrical film, carbon fiber film, transparent film and so on.

How to pick the good quality car body protective films:

1. Price –  “You get what you pay for” is a golden market rule. Understanding the market price keeps you make the most rational decision.

2. Color and lustre: the colors of superior car body protective films are full and uniform.

3. Feel: the thickness and tenacity of the bottom paper is proportional to the quality of the bottom paper. The surface of superior films is exquisite with appropriate thickness, on which the creases are hard to appear, while harsh feeling of inferior films is obvious, which lacks of toughness, the creases on the surface is not easy to restore.

4. Taste: you can smell a pungent odor using inferior films.

5. Glue: the glue at back of the superior films still has a certain paste strength after removing and pasting for several times, while paste strength of the back glue of inferior films obviously drops