Australia local time 3pm Nov 9th , 2016.  Donlad Trump, a 70 years old real estate developer, reality TV star with zero political experience, was elected to be the 45th president of the United States from his amazing, explosive and polarizing campaign. This surprise result shocked not only every US citizens but the entire world.Donlad Trump owns real estate in New York, New Jersey, Florida and across the States. He also owns an airline business. He is the owner of a New Jersey’s professional soccer club. His estimated asset is over $4.5 billion. So, what kind of car does Donlad Trump drive?





Back to 1956, Trump bought his first luxury car, a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. The performance of the Rolls Royce is no doubt outstanding. It is 5.385m long, 1.899m wide and 1.62m high and comes with 155 horse power and 4.9L V6 engine. It comes with a 4-speed transmission. 0-100Km/h takes 13.5s for this 1.95 ton car.  Maximum speed is 165km/h with 19.5L/100km. Between 1955-1958, only 2238 cars were manufactured.