The maintenance of leather seat generally adopts the soft cleanser which is specialised for the leather. Such kind of cleaner has the features of soft cleaning, no solubility and not harming or damaging the original appearance also brightness of the leather, which has a good effect on the leather’s maintenance. In general, the new car should have a service after the first month and then the car should keep the maintenance every 3 months, thus can keep the leather bright and new permanently.

Easy Steps:

1. Clean: Use the cleaning agent to clean up the dust and stubborn stains on the leather surface.

2. Fat liquoring and blemishes mending: after fat liquoring, the leather will be supplemented with nutrition and parts of the leather will be conducted with the blemishes mending, thus the surface of the leather will be flat and smooth.

3. Color matching: make the mending in accordance with the manufacturing technique’s abrasion to the leather surface. Meanwhile, make the leather surface recover the bright color.

4. Make the hand feeling: use the dedicated silk feeling agent to make the leather face softer and smoother.

What else do we need to be careful about:

1. the car’s leather seat should keep away from the heat. If it is too close to the heat, the leather will become dried and chapped.

2. Don’t let the leather be exposed to the blazing sun for  long time; avoid the leather’s fade in color.

3. Clean-up the leather seats every 3-6 months; use the damp-dry wet cloth to wipe out the dust; keep the leather dry, clean and tide.

4. If the leather is dirty, use a small number of multifunction bubbles cleaning agent to clean up; keep the leather surface dry.

5. When sitting on the leather seat, please avoid your key chains, the button of the clothes being contacted the leather seat in case the leather is scratched.

6. Prevent the liquid from soaking the leather seat.