Many people might think that car mats are all the same, but Goroo is proving otherwise thanks to their unique designs. By using high-quality materials and unique designs, Goroo car mats offer more than just basic protection from the dirt and debris that gets inside a vehicle. This review will look at what makes Goroo mats so effective compared to standard rubber car mats.


The first thing that catches your eye when looking at a Goroo mat is the overall high standards that were met when the mat was assembled. Unlike many standard car mats that are made from moulded rubber and look fairly cheap, Goroo mats are well designed and put together with care, much like the interior of your vehicle.

Dirt-Trap Underlay: Instead of keeping the dirt and debris on the surface of the mat, Goroo has designed their products to trap it inside so that it does not spread around the floor of your vehicle. This innovative design is what helps separate Goroo car mats from the typical rubber mats that often contribute to the spreading of dirt around your car or truck.

Wear-Proof: You may have noticed your car mat wearing away rather quickly in under a year or perhaps two. This is because the rubber is not designed to hold up against the constant wear delivered by your shoes, dirt, and debris that builds up on the mat. Goroo mats are designed to be wear-proof so they will last for a much longer time.

What Makes Goroo Mats Different from the Competition?

There are several reasons why Goroo car mats are becoming so popular, starting with their overall effectiveness in protecting the interior floor of all types of vehicles.

All-Weather Materials: Unlike most car mats which are made from rubber, Goroo uses a combination of materials that make them well suited for all weather conditions. This means that in all types of weather conditions and temperatures, the Goroo car mats hold up and trap dirt, debris, and other materials to keep them from damaging the interior of your vehicle.

Customized Fit: The mats by Goroo cover the interior of your vehicle as if they were custom-ordered. This is because they are designed from scratch to fit vehicles in the right manner. All you need to do is select the right size and slide them in.

Versatile: In addition to being used as car mats, you can use them as door mats for your front porch or for all the entrances to your home. The mats themselves are quite attractive and very effective in helping to clean away the dirt and debris from shoes before people enter your home.

In addition, you can choose from six different colours to match the interior of your vehicle