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Goroo Car Mats – Customised for Every Car

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Fully Customised
  • Just like you decorate your home with rugs, Goroo Car Mats decorate your car
  • Fully customised for over 95% of Australia car models
  • Stylish design. Six colours to choose
  • Luxury in car experience
Always Clean Surface
  • Unlike normal car mats, the sepcial designed Goroo Car Mats will keep dirt, mud away from its surface
  • Cleaner and fresher look for your car
  • Less maintenance hassle
Innovative Dirt-Trap Underlay
  • All dirt, sand and dust will be trapped inside. Keep your car floor clean all the time
  • Extra thick and extra fraction, Goroo Car Mats is anti-slip guaranteed, unlike rubber car mats
  • No need to buckle the mats onto floor
  • Noise cancelling, up to 30%
Soft Touching
  • Evenly spread and spaced PVC surface
  • Award winning hot melting surface technology, no glue at all
  • Soft and comfortable, just like rugs
  • Ultra durable

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